Who is this lesson for? 

This lesson is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

What is included in the lesson? 

The teaching resources include:

  • KS2 Emergencies and Calling For Help Lesson Plan (doc) - 166 KB
  • KS2 Emergencies and Calling For Help (ppt) - 7.6mb KB
  • KS2 A26 Answer Sheet (doc) - 1.9 MB
  • KS2 A26 Scenarios (doc) - 2.6 MB
  • KS2 A27 Emergency Services (doc) - 147 KB
  • KS2 A4 Hazards and Spotting Danger (doc) - 1.1 MB
  • KS2 Your Turn Calling For Help (ppt) - 610 KB
  • KS2 A50 Draw Your Own Hazards (doc) - 45 KB
  • Teacher Guidance (doc) - 145 KB

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By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  1. understand it is most important to ensure the safety of myself and others when faced with an emergency situation
  2. assist in an emergency by calling for help correctly
  3. give the correct information when calling the emergency services for help
  4. seek medical help if required.

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