Health and safety advice

Read our health and safety guidance. For first aid advice, click here.

Mental health


It can be confusing, with so much advice available, to know how best to manage your wellbeing. Here are our top tips, that are easy to implement and can help keep you feeling physically and mentally well. 

Signs that someone may be experiencing poor mental health


How to properly wash your hands

Take a look at the full guidance on how to wash your hands from the NHS.

Physical safety

How to manage a traffic accident

Traffic accidents can range between minor incidents such as a bicycle crash or much more serious incidents like a vehicle crash. Find out what to do.

How to manage a fire

Fires spread very quickly, so the first priority is to warn others around you. Learn what to do.

Drink spiking

Look out for each other on a night out

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can prove fatal if inhaled in large quantities. Learn what to look for and what to do.