How to set up your live stream

Live streaming with Twitch

How to set up a Twitch account

  1. Head to the Twitch website and select "Sign up"
  2. Create a username, password and enter your email address
  3. You will then be sent a verification email with a 6-digit verification code
  4. Once you have verified your email, you’ll be asked to pick a few interests in order to provide you with content that you’ll enjoy on Twitch
  5. Your account in now complete and you may begin streaming.

How to start streaming using your Twitch account

  1. Download the streaming software by selecting "Download here"
  2. This will take you to the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) website. Follow the instructions to download the software specific to your PC or Mac
  3. Accept or change the video settings according to you preference
  4. Copy you Primary Stream Key Link from your Twitch account when prompted. Paste this into the OBS software
  5. Apply the settings and you are ready to stream
  6. Select the profile icon in the top right corner to go the Creator Dashboard. Here you will find videos full of tips for first time streamers.

Live stream using social media

Set up your fundraising page

Live streaming FAQs


What is live streaming?

Live streaming is when you film a real-time video of a person (usually yourself!) or event, and broadcast to an audience over the internet. 

What can I live stream about?

What platform should I use?

What equipment do I need?

What software do I need?

Will be live stream be open to the public?

How do I raise money with my live stream?

When should I live stream?

How can I promote my live stream?

Tell us about your live stream

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