Sparkle for us this winter by singing for St John

We need your help to bring some sparkle and carols to your communities this winter 

Use your vocal cords to sing for St John. This is could be by hosting a carol concert, carolling in your local area or a virtual event. But it doesn’t have to be limited to that, check out our fundraising pack for more sparkling ideas.

Share your sparkle and make a difference alongside our volunteers, without the efforts of supporters like yourself, St John simply could not continue to do what it does for your community.

Are you ready to sparkle, if so, follow the steps below:

How can you share your Sparkle? 

This winter we want you to sparkle and show off your singing abilities to everyone in your community. 

There are multiple ways you can do this: Sparkle Concert, Sparkle Carolling, Virtual Sparkle. See below for an on overview on how to put an event on but for more detailed information on a concert or carolling please contact us at 

  1. Decide what you want to do and think about who you know and what they would be interested in - Our suggestion is signing, and we've even made a carol book specifically for all our sparkling fundraisers. But if you think your vocal cords aren't up to scratch you could think about a pub quiz, bucket collection, movie night or cake sale? 
  2. The location: Where are you planning on holding your fantastic fundraising event? Could you host your event at home or at work, or at a local hotel or community centre? 
  3. The date: Have a think about which date will be best for highest attendance - will you have your event at the weekend or during the week? Make sure you consider other events and special dates such as national holidays or sporting fixtures which may clash with your event and give yourself enough time to plan and prepare. 
  4. The fundraising: How are you going to raise the most money? Will you hold a raffle or auction on the day? Will you be selling cakes, drinks, and gifts? Will you charge for attendance?  
    Set up your JustGiving page: Creating a page will make it quicker and easier for your sponsors to donate and help you reach your fundraising target.  
  5. Spread the word - Make sure everyone knows about your event. Use our poster templates, invite and social media graphics to help. 
    Use social media, add links in your email signature and ask everyone to spread the word. 
    Don’t forget to tag St John in all your social media

Just fill the form out below to receive your free fundraising pack which contain even more details and more ideas. If you do decide to sing for us then we will send you a digital carol book as well. 

Ask me why sparkling supports our lifesavers!

To continue providing our services your communities we need to continue training volunteers. On average its cost around £100 to fully train 1 St John volunteer. In one year this volunteer could go on to support or care for 12 people during their time of need.

“I’ve been trained by St John Ambulance to go above and beyond. I’ve been trained in first aid, control, radio comms, cycle response. Covid care. It’s my duty now to step up and use my skills to support the community in this crisis. I’m not really able to take four weeks off work at once so I’m using my annual holiday allowance, working three days a week for the company, then four days for St John. This is more important to me than having a holiday.” Jani Levanen

By joining #TeamSJA and singing this winter to raise £100 means you could help make a difference to the lives of 12 people plus our volunteer!

If you are in Maidenhead why not join the Voices Anon Christmas Concert on Friday 10th December at Tippet Hall - St Piran's School from 7.30pm (Zoom options available).

For more details visit 
All funds raised from the concert will be donated to St John Ambulance

Click on the image below to hear why Megan chose to fundraise for St John

Share your Sparkle

Set up your sparkling fundraising page

Don't forget to share your photos on social media with #ShareYourSparkle