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We’ve been at the heart of villages, towns and cities across the country for over 140 years. And the events of 2020 have shown why we will always be needed.

St John volunteers like Sheila have been delivering expert care to people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve worked alongside staff in hospital emergency departments up and down the country. And our volunteer ambulance crews have been offering their time, compassion and technical skills wherever they’ve been needed too.

With your help, they’ll always be there to help the people who need them most.

Large or small, a gift in your Will can help save lives. Just £100 can train a future volunteer life saver to be there for 12 people in their hour of need – every single year.*

*Each of our volunteers support or care for more than 12 people per year, on average.

Sheila has been a volunteer with St John Ambulance for an incredible 50 years. Her experience means that she dedicates a huge amount of her time to training new, young volunteers in first aid that saves lives.

By leaving a gift to St John Ambulance in your Will, you can help volunteers like Sheila train the life savers of the future. Your gift will help us be there for communities like yours in years to come – on every street, on every corner.