Volunteer community fundraiser

As a volunteer community fundraiser you can help us save lives, without ever picking up a first aid kit. We’re looking for bright, enthusiastic, and determined individuals to join our fundraising team. You'd help us deliver our fundraising activities.

You could be involved with:

  • bucket collections
  • pin badge sales
  • cheering on our amazing runners

Regional internal communications volunteer

If you’re a budding writer with a knack for a good story, you could join our regional internal communications team.

What you could get up to:

  • act as a reporter and photographer at first aid events
  • gather news stories for our intranet
  • promote regional fundraising activities
  • support our regional PR offices


St John Ambulance Fundraising and Communications volunteers


I wish I'd known how much fun I was going to have as a volunteer - I would have joined as a Badger instead of at 28! - Dave, Unit Fundraising Lead

Roles in this category include:

Community fundraiser

Community fundraisers help us deliver fundraising activities.

Minimum time commitment:


Experience needed:

No previous first aid experience required.

Regional internal communications volunteer

Communications and media volunteer

Join the team that saves lives

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