Jonathan DexterTell us a little bit about how you first got involved with St John Ambulance…

I first joined as a Cadet in 1986 after my friend told me they did great things on a Cadet night.

What does your current volunteer role as a Regional Clinical Manager involve?

As a Regional Clinical Manager, I work as part of the regional management team advising on clinical matters and championing clinical quality. I enjoy working with the clinical teams and looking at new ways of how we can support our peers and our volunteers who are so enthusiastic.

Recently, I was part of a team who rolled out some new Zoll defibrillator monitors, this was a really exciting project.

How has volunteering influenced or impacted your decision to go into a medical profession?

As a Cadet, I decided that I didn’t want to work in an office. I love working with people, learning first aid, and helping people which inspired me to go into my career as a nurse.

In my current role as an NHS Nurse Consultant, volunteering helps me look at the much wider picture, and I have gained skills with St John Ambulance that are transferable to my NHS role both clinically and managerially.

How has the skills you’ve learned while volunteering helped in your day job as a nurse?

I have been able to transfer my skills as a volunteer manager to my NHS role. For example, academic skills, personal management, and team-working skills.

Also, being a volunteer has allowed me to experience working in a pre-hospital environment. I get to deliver care and exercise my clinical skills in an environment where I wouldn’t usually practise. This has given me the confidence to apply my clinical skills in a variety of settings.

What would you recommend to someone thinking about going into a medical profession?

It is the most rewarding career, I would recommend it. Study well and follow your heart and your dream.

What has been your best memory or experience volunteering with St John Ambulance?

There have been many good memories and experiences. For me, being invested in the Order of St John as an Officer was one of the best memories.

The best experiences I’ve had have been managing events such as rock concerts and motorcycle racing events. I have met some incredible people and made some very good friends.

Finally, when you’re not busy working or volunteering, how do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy photography and after completing the couch to 5k I now enjoy park runs. I am also a keen Lego enthusiast.