Safety Badger

Safety Badger explores all aspects of safety in a Badger's life, introducing them to the concepts of 'hazard', 'harm' and 'risk'.

Badgers will learn to identify hazards and dangers in different settings and how to reduce the risk of anyone coming to harm through good practice and an attitude of ‘safety first’.

There are first aid opportunities throughout Safety Badger so Badgers can practise their skills and see how they link to real-life situations.

This subject aims to encourage Badgers to:

  • understand what ‘hazard’, ‘harm’ and ‘risk’ mean
  • know what an ‘accident’ is and that some can be prevented
  • learn that safety is vital to most activities
  • take responsibility for their own safety
  • identify dangers in the home and find out how to prevent accidents
  • explore different aspects of personal safety, including how to stay safe when not supervised by an adult
  • understand online dangers and develop good habits, such as keeping personal information safe
  • evaluate their own online use
  • learn and understand the Green Cross Code, and develop an awareness of road safety
  • know why railways are dangerous places
  • evaluate hazards found in the Sett meeting place
  • explore the dangers of peer pressure
  • stay safe outdoors, including the dangers which weather can pose
  • know the Water Safety Code and how to stay safe near water
  • find out about fire safety, especially at home and at Badgers
  • understand the importance of escape plans for the home and Sett meetings
  • practise fire-drill
  • learn that safe activities are fun activities.

Safety Badger