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Cadet First Aider (ages 13+)

I was trusted to be a Treatment Centre Manager at Victoria Park. I was really proud to be trusted with such responsibilities. – Emma-Jane, Cadet First Aider

You can become a Cadet First Aider by completing our Cadet Operational First Aid course. Alongside adult volunteers, you'll be able to put your first aid skills into practise at local and national events. For example, the London Marathon, Manchester Pride, music festivals, local fetes, and sporting events, as well as many more.

The Cadet Operational First Aid course is run over 4 days and builds on previous Cadet First Aid training, and includes topics such as:

• Incident Management
• Infection, Prevention & Control
• CPR & using an AED (Defibrillator)
• Moving & Handling
• Allergic Reactions
• Chest Pain
• Treating a bleed
• Diabetes
• Childhood Conditions
• Plus many more too!

Upon completing the course you will be provided with a certificate and a role bar to wear on your Cadet Uniform and you can then attend events as a Cadet First Aider.

Cadet Demonstrator (ages 13+)

Cadet Young Leader (ages 13+)

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