An introduction to the award

The first step as a Cadet is completing the Cadet Welcome Programme - a taster in what being a Cadet is all about. You'll get to try out first aid skills, learn about the exciting history of St John Ambulance, and find out about some of the exciting opportunities available to you as a Cadet.

After this, there are four more stages of the Grand Prior’s Award:

  1. Bronze Stage Award (4 subjects)
  2. Silver Stage Award (8 subjects)
  3. Gold Stage Award (12 subjects)
  4. Grand Prior's Award (16 subjects)

GPA Stages (1).png

After completing each stage you will receive a certificate and badge and once you complete 16 subjects, you will be presented with your Grand Prior’s Award certificate and badge.

Award subjects

The Grand Prior’s Award consists of over 20 subjects across a broad range of topics which you can complete as you work towards your Grand Prior’s Award.

Subjects include:

• Adventure Skills
• Ambulance Awareness
• Celebrating Difference
• Healthy Minds
• Leadership & Teamwork
• Power of Communication
• St John Journey

After you complete each subject you will be presented with a certificate so you can keep a record of all the subjects you complete as a Cadet.

Cadets are encouraged to have a voice in selecting the subjects they complete. Each subject lasts 6 weeks, with a range of activities, suiting all learning styles to enable all Cadets to participate and learn.

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