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The Health Citizen programme empowers young people, aged 16–25 years old, to develop leadership skills, make new friends and gain experience in social action.

What does the programme involve?

Participants work with a team of peers, where they plan and deliver a social action project, in response to a health or social care inequality identified their community. 


Participants complete three core modules to be come a Health Citizen:

Self: Exploring self-belief, personal skills and self-management

Leading others: Exploring communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills

Health and social action: Introducing health and social care issues and how these can be addressed through social action

Launch social action project

After participants have completed their training, they plan a social action project, with the support of a coach. 

We can't do this without your support

We rely on your support to continue to make an impact in communities. There are loads of ways you can get involved, from challenge events to live streaming.

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