Our youth principles have been developed to guide how we work with young people and they complement the St John Ambulance HEART values.

We believe that all young people at St John Ambulance should have the opportunity to engage with their community and develop their character and confidence. We will:



  • Create a safe, inclusive space, which is welcoming to all young people.
  • Treat all young people with respect.
  • Support young people to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing.
  • Value, recognise and reward young people for their contributions to St John Ambulance and wider society.
We have a right to a safe, welcoming space, where we take care of one another and ourselves. We are respected and rewarded for the great things we do.


  • Encourage young people to express themselves and create an environment where their voices are listened to and valued.
  • Embed youth decision-making structures across St John Ambulance.
  • Ensure all opportunities for youth participation are meaningful and developed through a partnership with young people, to build their resilience and that of wider society.
  • Provide young people with a fun learning environment while offering them the appropriate level of challenge.
We are listened to and able to take part in decision-making. We have the chance to challenge ourselves and learn new skills in a fun environment. 


  • Promote equal opportunities to enable the personal, social and cultural development of all young people at St John Ambulance.
  • Value young people’s talent, experience and skills; support and guide them to fulfil their potential.
  • Value the diverse backgrounds, beliefs and aspirations of young people while encouraging individuals to explore their attitudes and goals.
  • Motivate young people to be active citizens. Provide opportunities to speak up about first aid and interact with a wide cross section of the community. Promote volunteering, advocacy and social action.
We are treated fairly and accepted for who we are. Our experience and talents are developed, value and celebrated. We have opportunities to speak up and help our community. 

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