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Tuesday, 30 January 2024: The Big Help Out is back and St John Ambulance is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated volunteering campaign once again.

Building on the success of the launch event in 2023, which became the UK’s biggest ever day of volunteering with 7.2 million people signing up, even more individuals and communities will benefit this time around. 

Taking place between Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June, the Big Help Out aims to bring people together and offers the public an incredible opportunity to lend a hand and make a positive change. Individuals can pledge to volunteer with one of the hundreds of worthwhile causes involved in this nationwide campaign, by visiting 

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St John Ambulance is proud to invite people to experience the rewarding feeling of being part of a lifesaving team and spend time with its dedicated volunteers. Attendees will gain insights into the crucial role played by thousands of volunteers in their local communities, whether it's responding to emergencies or raising vital funds. 

Volunteering opportunities with St John: 

Save a Life Session 

Everyone should know what to do if a loved one needs their help in a life-threatening situation, that’s why St John’s volunteers will be raising awareness of simple first aid skills to help deal with choking, severe bleeds and cardiac arrests. Join a session to feel confident to save a life. 

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St John Giant Collection 

Grab a bucket, hit the streets or shopping centre and have a chat. Join St John’s community fundraisers and have fun encouraging people to give a little (or a lot!) so that the charity can continue its lifesaving work.   

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As someone who has volunteered with St John Ambulance, NHS A&E physician, author and TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh says:  

“From fundraising to awareness raising, there’s so much we can do to support good causes in our communities. St John Ambulance, a charity I support, is inviting you to take the first step in supporting the Big Help Out. Spread the word and start planning how you’ll make a difference, make a pledge to help out today.” 

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Vicki Sellick, St John Ambulance’s chief experience officer and first aid volunteer says:  

“St John Ambulance is excited to be a part of the Big Help Out once again. Do come and get involved. Our awareness sessions can give you the confidence to save a life if ever a loved one needed you to act fast. Or come and join us in rattling a bucket on your local high street to raise donations for this life saving charity. Whether you join us for 10-minutes, an hour or even get the bug and sign up to support your local community as one of our heroes in green this year, every effort will be appreciated. Come and give us a try.” 

To find out more about St John Ambulance’s lifesaving work and more ways you can become part of the movement to create healthier, safer communities visit