April 29, 2022: Thousands of key workers joined St John Ambulance, Virgin Radio UK and some of the UK’s favourite bands and singer songwriters for a special music concert at OVO Arena Wembley,  to say a ‘Big Thank You” to all those who have kept the country running throughout the Covid pandemic. 

The crowds saw hosts Gaby Roslin and good friend Jayne Middlemiss reunite on stage for the first time in 20 years to introduce unmissable performances from Kaiser Chiefs, David Gray, Ash, The Fratellis and Isaac Stuart.

David Gray, who has friends who work in the NHS, explains why it was important for him to perform: “I think the opportunity to do a small thing, sing for people, feels good and necessary. I think everybody who lived through the pandemic and witnessed what happened to frontline workers and care workers and what they were put through emotionally, their lives made so complicated, they were living through this hell…. I would do more if I could."

The concert, (April 28) sponsored by St John Ambulance, coincides with the charity’s volunteers and staff giving over 1.5 million hours in response to the pandemic.

Chief Executive of St John Ambulance, Martin Houghton-Brown said: "It’s great so many were there enjoying themselves tonight. The 'Big Thank You Tour’ was the perfect opportunity to thank all those who have gone above and beyond caring for and keeping the country running."

Much of St John Ambulance’s vital work would not be possible without donations, if you would like to support the charity please visit www.sja.org.uk/donate/