June 20, 2022: The incredible work of St John Ambulance’s clinically trained volunteers supporting the NHS throughout the pandemic and beyond has been recognised by the Government.

Last week’s response to recommendations in the Coronavirus: Lessons Learned to Date report highlighted the significant role St John people play as the nation’s ambulance auxiliary and reserve to the wider NHS.

The Government notes: “St John Ambulance has focused its BAU operations to provide significant levels of support to the NHS. This includes providing an auxiliary ambulance service, volunteers in emergency departments, provision of over 26,000 volunteer vaccinators and much more.

“It has, therefore, provided a service akin to an NHS Reserve, especially for the ambulance service, but also within other areas of the NHS. They are able to rapidly flex and provide clinically trained volunteers where they are needed most.”

The joint report was produced by the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committees.

Welcoming the Government’s recognition of St John, the charity’s Chief Executive Martin Houghton Brown said: “This is testament to the dedicated and vital work of St John people in support of the health service throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“Our Royal Charter sets out our role in ‘the rendering of aid to the sick, wounded, disabled or suffering; the training and provision of technical reserves for the medical services of the Armed Forces or any Civil Defence Organisations; and: the provision of trained personnel to give assistance to Central or Local Government Departments or to the Armed Forces at times of emergency in peace or in war’.

“We continue to honour these founding principles, in the service of humanity, and are delighted to see that integral role in protecting the nation’s health reflected in the Government’s response to the committees’ report.”