Life saving first aid stories

First aid at work courses not only save the lives of thousands of people every year but the actions of those who have administered first aid have given inspiration to colleagues, family and friends to become first aiders with St John Ambulance too. Our courses have helped save lives at work places across the country and the skills our members learn can be used in everyday life, wherever they are.

If you are inspired by our stories please register your interest or you can view our first aid courses and decide the type of course to book for you and your company.


Jonathan's story

Customer service was taken to a whole new level by Jonathan. Find out how he became the one to save a life and inspire others to do the same. Read Jonathan’s story

Joanna's story

Little did Joanna know that her drive home would be so eventful. Find out how Joanna became the one to save Keith’s life. Read Joanna’s story


Ian and Chris's story

For Ian and Chris, saving lives is all in a day’s work. Find out how, together, they became the ones to save Mick’s life. Read Ian and Chris’s story

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