Our destination for the next decade

This strategy is the beginning of a new chapter for St John. One rooted in our heritage of supporting the health of our communities. Over the next decade we want to be at the heart of communities, having a positive impact on the people we treat and support, and all St John people.

We believe in the power of communities to improve the health of the nation. Communities that preserve and protect life through volunteering for health and first aid.

Our enduring charitable promise

We have a deep heritage of caring, compassion and health. Promoting the relief of sickness, distress and suffering. Helping others at some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

We are proud of the work we do and how we do it, and we promise:

• to serve humanity without judgement
• to take time to care
• to be skilled to meet health needs
• to develop new and better ways to preserve and protect life.

To deliver our goals, we will:

  • double the size of our programmes for young people
  • grow our capacity to deliver event healthcare at major public events and those within local communities
  • continue to expand workplace first aid and mental health training
  • develop our ambulance services and be recognised as the nation’s auxiliary
  • develop our support for community resilience, through response programmes and public education
  • invest in the data and insight required to maximise our evaluation and learning
  • work with others who share our vision for civil society.

Delivering the best outcomes for patients and communities

In keeping with our heritage and values, we will, by 2022, increase the positive impact we have in society, caring for the health of those most in need and making the communities we serve more resilient. That means committing to the principles of discovery, learning and continuous improvement, to ensure that we identify the best ways to serve patients and communities.

Delivering the best experience for all St John people

As our people strive to deliver the best outcomes for patients and communities, we will provide them with the best possible experience and care, whether as volunteers, employees or supporters, in clinical roles or non-clinical, whether fundraising or supporting our heritage, treating or training others. We will take care of their wellbeing. We will attract, retain and include a more diverse mix of people in our work. We will become a learning organisation. And we will do the basics brilliantly to set the right foundations for sustaining our impact.

Best experience for all St John people

By 2022, we will:

  • provide a rewarding place to volunteer and work, where our people feel proud, honoured and valued
  • create an open, safe and supportive culture that promotes health, wellbeing and personal resilience
  • become a learning organisation, where everyone’s voice is listened to and where we actively seek to improve
  • innovate and develop new digital solutions that make it easier for St John people to thrive in their roles
  • celebrate the International Order of St John by supporting and learning from our partners around the world
  • provide sector leading supporter engagement, ensuring our supporters feel part of an organisation that cares.

An inclusive and sustainable charity

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Annual reports

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Governance and leadership

The executive leadership team of St John Ambulance, along with the boards of trustees of the Order of St John, enables us to deliver in the service of humanity.

Our culture and values

Collectively, our values spell out HEART – people are at the heart of St John Ambulance.