Our vision is that everyone who needs it should receive first aid from those around them. No one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders.

The way we achieve our vision really matters to us. Our values guide our thinking and actions – they set out ‘the way we do things’ at St John Ambulance. Collectively, our values spell out HEART – an important reminder that our people and our shared values are at the heart of our organisation.

HUMANITY - Treating others with compassion and respect.

EXCELLENCE - Pride in doing an excellent job.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Delivering what we promise.

RESPONSIVENESS - Continuously learning and improving.

TEAMWORK - Working together effectively.

We are committed to continual improvement and have implemented a quality management system to ensure we achieve our objectives. We will therefore:

  • work with customers and partners to develop our services to meet their needs.
  • conduct our business in a way that reflects our core values.
  • create an environment that promotes continuous improvement and knowledge sharing across all stakeholders.
  • ensure compliance with the law and the requirements of ISO9001 and other applicable regulatory requirements.
  • educate and train our people to support the delivery of high quality services.

We establish measurable objectives within our business planning which are communicated to all members of staff. They provide a framework for improvement in our effectiveness and in meeting specified requirements, customers’ reasonable expectations, and to enhance their satisfaction. This will effectively provide our customers with the confidence that the provision of service will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards.

Within our planning, we identify the risks that might influence our objectives and plan accordingly to mitigate those risks.

We recognise the importance of monitoring and reviewing our quality management system and through continual monitoring and planned reviews we can identify improvements to our processes, products, and services.

Everyone connected with St John Ambulance shall be supported per their individual needs with personal development, training, and resources.

Our quality policy is continually reviewed to ensure it remains relevant to our business, our objectives, and our values.