I first became involved with St John when I was seven years old when I became a badger. I joined St John because I wanted to be a doctor at the time, but now I want to become a cardiothoracic heart surgeon. I chose to become a cardiothoracic heart surgeon because my mum has heart problems and I want to help find a cure. I know firsthand how much things like this effect a person and their family, so I want to prevent that from happening as much as I can. 

I called out to her and I knew instantly something was wrong because she didn't answer

One of the times I used my first aid was when I found my mum unconscious in the bath. She’d knocked her head just before getting into the water and didn’t answer when I called her. I knew something was wrong and ran in. I made sure she was safe by checking her breathing and holding her head while calling my other Mum for help. I stayed calm and used all my skills from St John.

Jayden, Tash (middle) and Laura

Tash, Jayden’s Mum

I don’t want to say it, but I could have drowned. If it hadn’t been for St John, Jayden wouldn’t have known how to check an airway and I’m so grateful.

That little girl save my life, she is a superstar

Laura, Jayden's Mum 

Jayden has gone from strength to strength since joining St Johnwhen she was seven. She'e really grown in confidence from the skills she's obtained while being there.

When Jayden’s other mum, Tash banged her head in the bathroom, Jayden noticed that something was wrong very quickly. Jayden's very calm, she used the skills that she learnt at St John, and we were able to call for help very quickly. 

No matter what your race, your gender, anyone can do anything. If you set your mind to reach up to your dreams, and if you work hard, put in the effort, you’ll get there

I'm definitely going to stay on volunteering with St John, even after I get my career, I want to stay and help them like they helped me.

In December 2022, Jayden recieved a Who Cares Wins Award for her lifesaving actions.




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