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Course description

What is the CERAD course?

The course teaches delegates the skills, knowledge and understanding required to drive an ambulance in an emergency.

This qualification meets the requirement for ambulance drivers who need to be compliant with changes to Section 19 of the Road Safety Act 2006 and to operate to the specification of the high speed driver training regulations of the Department for Transport.

On this course you will learn: 

  • How to prepare, drive and manoeuvre ambulance vehicles 
  • How to drive an ambulance vehicle in emergency and non-emergency situations

Topics include:

  • Pre-shift and pre-driving vehicle checks
  • Current legislation and driving regulations
  • Using the vehicle's braking and steering systems
  • Safely negotiating bends
  • Using the vehicle' transmission systems
  • Varying the speed of the vehicle
  • Dual carriageway and motorway training
  • Reversing and manoeuvring the vehicle
  • Using the vehicle's safety systems
  • Overtaking over vehicles
  • Driving in adverse conditions
  • Understanding human factors and conflict
  • Navigating
  • Night driving
  • Emergency response driving

Am I eligible for this CERAD course?

In order to attend this course, you need to meet these eligibility requirements:

  • Have a valid UK driving licence 
  • Be aged 18 years or over
  • Have (or be waiting for) a contract with an NHS or CQC registered ambulance service

2022 course dates and locations

Our courses have now restarted with CERAD courses available on: 

4th July - 29th July

1st August - 26th August

5th September - 30th September

3rd October - 28th October

31st October - 25th November

28th November - 23rd December

You can complete this course at our Guildford, Milton Keynes, or West Bromwich training venues. Courses at our Stockport venue are only available from November.

Our CERAD course runs on weekdays over 4 weeks (teaching days are Monday to Thursday). Our courses fully comply with COVID-19 safety guidance.

How much does the CERAD course cost?

The CERAD course costs £2,995 + VAT. This includes all tuition, practice sessions and examination costs. You will receive full support throughout the programme to ensure your success. 

Payment plans are available on request, so you can spread the cost over 6 monthly instalments. 

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Course Summary 

Level: Level 3 Certificate

Courses available:

  • Weekday course (over 4 weeks)

Full course details:
Credits: 23, TQT: 230, GL: 150

Prices: £2,995 + VAT

Payment plans available on request (cost spread over 6 months).

Locations: Guildford, Milton Keynes, Stockport and West Bromwich.

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS):

We can accept Enhanced Learning Credits for this course.


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Assessment and certification


This course is taught through a mixture of classroom learning, self-guided study, and practice sessions in a vehicle. It takes 230 hours to complete (TQT). 

The course is split into 2 parts:

  • 80 taught course hours 
  • 150 additional, self-taught Guided Learning hours, which will be completed outside of the classroom.

Delegates will be assessed through a portfolio of evidence, written exams, and a practical demonstration. To be successful, delegates must attend all course datescomplete the independent study, and evening driving component. 

 All our trainers are highly skilled specialist instructors, able to adapt their teaching style to meet each learner’s needs. We offer individual, end-to-end support to each learner; this might include extra help with portfolio work, getting the most out of the self-taught Guided Learning Hours, or assistance with arranging placements to practice your newly acquired skills.  

This qualification is internally assessed and quality assured by St John Ambulance and externally quality assured by FutureQuals External Quality Advisors.  


Successful delegates will receive a certificate from FutureQuals, valid for 5 years. After this, you will need to take a requalifying assessment. Candidates should expect to receive their certificate within 1 month of completing the course. 

St John Ambulance male ambulance driver driving an ambulance