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For more information on what you need to know when buying and installing a defibrillator, from costs to training, storage and useful things to keep with your defibrillator, please read our Defibrillator guide for first time buyers.

Pads and batteries

Do pads and batteries have a shelf life?

Yes. Both pads and batteries expire and will need replacing even if the defibrillator hasn’t been used.

The typical shelf life of pads and batteries is 2 to 5 years, depending on the defibrillator model – please check your user manual, consult the product detail page on our website or check the expiry date on your pad or battery.

Pad and battery expiry dates are typically displayed next to an hourglass or egg timer symbol.

Find replacement pads and batteries

Can pads be re-used?

How long do the batteries last?

How do I dispose of used or old batteries?

How do I dispose of used or expired pads?

Defibrillator servicing

Do I need to service the defibrillator?

Please consult the defibrillator’s user manual.

How would I know if there were a problem with the defibrillator? How often do I need to test it and is it easy to do?

Information from the memory chip

Do I have to download information from the memory chip if a defibrillator is used on a patient?

It depends on the type of defibrillator you purchase as to how the information is downloaded, but this will be fully explained in the operators’ manual provided with each device.

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Free resources

Download our free defibrillator maintenance posters.

Defibrillator checklist

defibrillator checklist

Use our defibrillator maintenance checklist to keep track of your inspections and your pad and battery expiry dates.

Defibrillator location poster

defibrillator location poster

Use our defibrillator location poster to update signs around your workplace so everyone knows where their nearest def...

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