Club leaders

Creating a club leadership team can help you share responsibilities. It also helps to ensure the club can continue if a club leader leaves the school.

Club leader responsibilities could include:

  • planning a programme of activities
  • making sure kit and space is available
  • planning risk assessments and child protection
  • providing new ideas
  • attending relevant Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • liaising with St John Ambulance.


Club helpers

Club helpers are volunteers who can support the club leaders with running the first aid club. For example, preparation and clearing up, keeping a log of activities, promoting the club, and maintaining membership records.

Club helpers could be first aid trained sixth formers, St John Ambulance Cadets and Badgers who attend the school, parents who are St John Ambulance volunteers, and wider members of the school community, such as grandparents.

Key things to remember:

  • Ensure that all adult volunteers from outside the school are vetted with a DBS disclosure.
  • Make sure volunteers are happy with their level of involvement with the club.
  • Volunteers may need advice about working with groups of young people in an informal setting.
  • Make sure volunteers are aware of any arrangements to help the inclusion of club members with additional needs.
  • Keep your volunteers up to date with how the club is doing and any plans for the future.
  • Share risk assessments and other relevant health and safety information with all your volunteers.
  • Be sure to thank your volunteers for their support and ask for feedback on how the club is doing.


Club members

You need to decide if any student can become a club member or if you want to target specific groups of students. You will also need to plan how you will advertise your club, and any processes you will use for applications and enrolment.


Involve parents

A great way to get students' families involved is to invite their parents to a first aid evening. The parents can take part in some of the activities that the students have been doing as part of the club. This can also be a great way to fundraise for St John Ambulance.