1. Office Olympics

    Create some office antics for charity. How about a speed typing game or see who can get the most paper balls into the rubbish bin from a distance? Ask people to donate to get involved.

  2. Guess the baby

    Get your colleagues to bring in a baby photo of themselves and guess who is who! People can donate to take part.

  3. Sweepstake

    Why not start a sweepstake for a large sporting event or reality TV show, and get the whole office involved!

  4. Guess...

    How many sweets are in the jar? How long will it take you to complete an office challenge? Ask your colleagues to donate if they'd like to place a guess.

  5. Get baking

    Organise a homemade cake sale in the office - an easy and delicious way to raise money!

  6. Celebrate World First Aid Day

    This day occurs on the second Saturday in September each year. Why not have a dress up day and organise a collection for people to donate?

  7. Fancy dress day

    Pick a theme for the day and see who creates the most imaginative costumes!

  8. Work quiz

    Always a winner. Organise a quiz at lunch or down your local pub. Pick different themes for each round of questions - first aid could be one!

  9. Matched fundraising

    A great way to double the money you raise is to ask your employers if they will match your fundraising amount. Check with your HR or finance department.

Planning your own fundraising event?

If you're organising your own fundraising event or just thinking about it, we'd love to hear from you! We can provide you with fundraising support and materials.