An image of a smiling man wearing St John Ambulance uniform and a "Paramedic" role bar

If you’re a healthcare professional, we need your help to provide specialist, clinical care, undertaking clinical assessments and attending to patients in pre-hospital situations. 

The role

Our professional clinicians mainly work in mobile treatment centres, ambulances or temporary event medical centres. They attend events, such as music festivals and sports matches. There are also opportunities to deploy your skills, or develop new ones, in specialist areas like the Medical Response Team and the Cycle Response Unit. 

Recognised qualifications

Your skill set will be matched to our of our four scopes of practice, depending on your experience and qualifications within your registration.

  • HCPC registered paramedic
  • NMC registered nurse
  • GMC registered doctor able to practice independently (i.e. FY2 or equivalent and beyond)
  • HCPC registered operating department practitioner
  • NMC registered nursing associate
  • PAMVR registered physician associate

If you have another registration, St John may recognise it for regulatory purposes but you currently need  skills and experience directly relevant to pre-hospital emergency medicine for this role.

Training and time commitment

The training and support we provide is as follows: 

  • Welcome programme introducing you to the role & wider charity 
  • Training in appropriate SJA policies 
  • St John safeguarding training relevant to your role (if you prefer, your existing NHS safeguarding training can be recognised in St John) 
  • Top-up training if you would benefit from it, for example in First Aid or Immediate Life Support 
  • The opportunity to be part of a local unit, where you will have ongoing support from peers and further learning & development opportunities 
  • Ongoing support from fellow HCPs to deploy or develop your skills according to your needs and wishes.