Tell us about your experiences with St John during the coronavirus outbreak

On a 999 shift supporting the London Ambulance Service, Taylan and I were asked to attend an emergency call to an elderly lady who had fallen at home. 

We fully assessed her, and fortunately found that she had not suffered any injuries. We were able to help the lady off the floor and then sit her back in her living room.

Whilst this may not have been a job where we had to use all of the emergency equipment we carry on-board our ambulance, it was a great example of helping another person in need.

What's been the most rewarding part of the experience?

Being able to re-assure worried patients. Many people are very worried about going with us to the Emergency Department during the current pandemic, and part of our role is to comfort and re-assure them that hospital is the right place for them.

How has your St John training prepared you for the fight against coronavirus?

I joined St John when I was 9 years old and have since loved every minute it since. As a young person, St John developed my personal and communication skills which are key qualities for anyone in a patient-facing role.

As an adult volunteer, St John Ambulance taught me the skills required to drive under emergency conditions to patients and safely assess them in the pre-hospital environment. I also learnt how to initiate emergency treatment and make safe decisions regarding their care.

It’s good to put my training into action at a time when the ambulance service is under increased demands. I’d rather be using my skills to do something productive and helpful than be at home with not a lot to do.