Donations & Fundraising FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our Fundraising activities and Fundraising for St John Ambulance. If your question cannot be answered, please contact us at

Please stop sending me correspondence

You can ask us to stop contacting you at any time, please let us know by emailing It helps us locate your details if you can provide the Unique Reference number on the mailing you have received.

How can I take part in your weekly lottery?

When does the lottery draw take place?

Responsible gambling

Fundraising during COVID-19

What safety measures have you put in place during the pandemic?

In 2022 onwards, fundraisers will wear a face mask and stay 2 metres apart when necessary or requested. When we need to take your details, a tablet can be extended to you on a stick should you request that. The tablet and stick will be disinfected before and after use.

Fundraisers can be instructed to not leave any materials behind and copies of our Fundraising Agreement, Data Protection and Direct Debit Guarantee can be found in the advanced notification letter sent to each person when they choose to sign up as a donor to St John. You can also find this information on our website.

What if someone is self-isolating?

Is it appropriate to be knocking on people’s doors during a pandemic?

Cancellations, compliments and complaints

How do I amend or cancel my direct debit?

If you registered to give through a door-to-door fundraiser and would like to amend or cancel your direct debit, please fill out the online cancellation form or call our Supporter Hotline 0114 238 7360.

How do I make a complaint?

How the funds are raised

Why do you pay a company to do your face-to-face fundraising?

Many charities use a professional fundraising agency to do door-to-door fundraising for them to raise the most funds they can. We use Wesser Ltd and Trinity Marketing who employ fully-trained fundraising professionals who comply with industry regulations.

All fundraisers are required to read a solicitation statement to all new supporters on the door explaining the arrangement that we have with our partnership agencies. Supporters are also given a document entitled ‘Your Direct Debit’, which gives more information as to how donating helps us over the long term.

Why don’t your volunteers do face-to-face fundraising?

Do your fundraisers get commission?

How much of the money raised goes to St John Ambulance?


How secure is my direct debit and my personal details?

We treat security as a priority as every day we handle the details of hundreds of people. We will only use the information you give us on secure tablet devices to collect the contribution you’ve agreed to from your account. We won’t use it for anything else, as outlined under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Will you pass my details on?

Will the local authority know that St John Ambulance is fundraising in the area?

Do your fundraisers visit houses in No Cold Calling areas?

How do I know that the person calling at the door is legitimate?


What approach do your fundraisers use?

Our fundraisers encourage people to donate because they want to save lives and help us build a nation of life savers. We want people to be left with a positive image and a desire to support our work over a long period of time. We do not condone high-pressure sales tactics.

Our fundraisers are trained in the values and ethics of St John Ambulance and they are expected to live up to those while fundraising. They are also are provided with a Fundraising Code of Conduct, which clearly states that they should not present to anyone who is vulnerable. We act in accordance with the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice.

After attending Wesser Ltd training, a representative from the Institute of Fundraising said:

Vulnerability was covered very thoroughly. I thought this was a great strength of the training, and probably the best example I’ve seen. Obviously, a lot of time and thought has been devoted to this important area.

What will the fundraisers ask for?

Gift Aid

How do I add Gift Aid to my donation?

All you need to do is tick the Gift Aid declaration box when you donate online or complete the Gift Aid form when you donate by post.

What is Gift Aid?

Am I eligible?

What if I'm a pensioner?

Can I change my mind?

What if I'm a higher rate tax payer?

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