Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic Non CPRD Defibrillator

Cardiac Science™ Powerheart® G5 Fully Automatic Non CPR-D Defibrillator
Cardiac Science™ Powerheart® G5 Fully Automatic Non CPR-D Defibrillator

Powerheart G5 Fully Automatic Non CPRD Defibrillator

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About this product

  • Fully automatic defibrillator (AED) for treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
  • Suitable for passers by or emergency responders alike
  • Voice and text prompts keep the user calm and informed
  • Customises shock energy level as required
  • Rugged design for a variety of settings

Further Description

Suitable for novices and professionals

The Powerheart® G5 Fully Automatic Non CPR-D Defibrillator is a complete defibrillator solution giving users of all abilities the confidence to act in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Fully automatic defibrillator

Users of the device are given confidence to act at each critical step of a rescue. If a shock is needed, it is delivered automatically.

Rugged design

The unit has an IP rating of IP55, can withstand a drop of one metre and has been tested to military standards.

Non-polarised, pre-connected adult pads

The defibrillator comes with pre-connected, interchangeable, non-polarised pads that can be placed in either position on the body. Clear graphical directions show where to place the pads and feature an easy-pull tab for positioning on the patient. Pads can be quickly interchanged if needed.

Clear instructions

Clear, real time instructions come in the form of simple to follow, loud voice prompts and graphical and text prompts provide extra help in loud or chaotic situations. If required, fast shocks are administered (typically) within 10 seconds post CPR. The defibrillator will customise the energy level needed depending on analysis of each patient so that if more than one shock is necessary it will increase shock energy to a higher level.

Downloadable rescue data

ECG and shock rescue data is easily viewable and downloadable via PC or USB using the AED Manager software included.

Always ready for use

Rescue Ready® technology self tests daily, weekly and monthly to ensure the defibrillator is always ready for use with audible warning alerts if any issues are identified.


Defibrillator unit: 8 years

Lithium battery: 4 year, full operational replacement

Shelf life

Defibrillator pads: 2 years


  • 1 x Defibrillator unit
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Pair of adult defibrillator pads
  • 1 x Defibrillator manager software
  • 1 x Defibrillator manual
  • 1 x Getting started card and Steps to Rescue guide

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 9 × 23 × 30 cm

Weight: 2.6 kg including battery and pads

Dust / water resistance: IP55 (IEC 60529)

Drop tolerance: 1.22m (MIL-STD-810G, 516.6 (Procedure IV))

Energy selection (Adult): 95 to 354 Joules

Energy selection (child): 22 to 82 Joules

Infant / child capability: Infant / child pads sold separately.

Internal memory: 90 minutes of rescue data, multiple rescue functionality

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