Suction-Easy Disposable Suction Unit

Suction Easy Single Use Disposable Suction Unit

Suction-Easy Disposable Suction Unit

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About this product

  • Compact oral suction device to effectively clear the oral pharynx
  • Bulb design provides consistent vacuum force, storage and protection of the large bore suction tube (9.5mm ID)
  • Easy to grasp and can be used regardless of the user’s hand size or grip strength
  • Double-valve system promotes continuous operation with one hand while the other hand is free to direct the suction tip inside the patient’s mouth
  • Material drawn down into the bulb is expelled into a sealed collection bag.

Further Description

Suction Easy effectively clears the patient’s oral pharynx so that no critical airway management event should fail due to fluids in the oropharynx.

There are two flap valves in the system - one at the end of the large bore suction tube inside the bulb, the other attached to the outlet port and visible inside the collection bag.

Infection control requirements of containment, isolation and labelling are met in one step: a 2-part label on the resealable bag containing each new Suction Easy completes the system - the user peels off the top layer to reveal the international biohazard symbol.

The used Suction Easy is placed back in its original package and secured with the pressure seal.  The user can then peel off the top layer of the package label to reveal the international biohazard symbol.

The Suction Easy packs away easily and can be reused for training purposes.

Technical Specifications

Fluid capacity: > 1,000 cc

Weight: 0.21kg (7.5oz)

Vacuum force: 100 mm Hg

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