Who is this lesson for? 

This lesson is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

What is included in the lesson?

The teaching resources include:

  • KS2 Asthma Lesson Plan (doc) - 157 KB
  • KS2 Asthma Presentation (ppt) - 7.2 MB
  • KS2 A6 Paper Lungs (doc) - 630 KB
  • KS2 A9 Group Work (ppt) - 755 KB
  • KS2 Asthma Your Turn (ppt) - 405 KB
  • Teacher Guidance (doc) - 150 KB

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  1. identify a casualty who is having an asthma attack
  2. assess and give first aid to a casualty who is having difficulty breathing due to an asthma attack
  3. understand when to seek medical help for a casualty who is choking

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