The teaching resources include a lesson plan with suggested activities and a presentation. By the end of the lesson, your students will:

  1. know what needs to go in a first aid kit

  2. understand why it’s important to keep a first aid kit and to make it accessible.

Who can deliver this first aid lesson?

The lesson plans can be delivered by teachers, higher-level teaching assistants, school nurses and youth leaders who have a current first aid qualification. The first aid qualification must cover the topic you are teaching.

All the information from the resources can be found in the current edition of the First Aid Manual.

Teaching resources

Download our free teaching resources.

Related first aid advice and techniques

Who should I call?

At some point in their life, most people will witness or be involved in an accident or medical emergency. Knowing what to do and when you should call the emergency services can potentially save lives.

How to handle difficult first aid situations

When responding to an emergency, it is important to recognise the emotional and physical needs of everyone involved, including your own.

How to apply a dressing

When you have a wound, you should always cover it with a dressing as this can help to prevent infection. Find out what to do.