St John Ambulance provide specialist trained Bariatric clinicians in support of NHS Ambulance Trusts and patient transfer services. With the ability to deliver specialist bariatric services 24/7/365 nationally with modern training, equipment and vehicles, St John Ambulance are the market leaders in this highly specialised service. We deliver compassionate, excellent quality care that ensures dignity and safety for all our patients.

Collaborative, multi-agency working

Delivering this specialist care requires integrated response with Emergency Service partners. Our crews are trained and experienced in multiagency response to ensure the patient receives the most appropriate and timely care on scene and during transfer to hospital. We provide assistance in emergency and non-emergency situations, and have 24 hour management support to the bariatric team for difficult extractions and support. We are trusted as experts in this field by patients and clinicians.

Specialist, unique bariatric vehicles

To facilitate this high level, specialist care, our bariatric crews are equipped the most up to date manual handling aids and equipment. Our newly designed MAN ultra low floor 5.5 Tonne ambulances are world-class, industry-leading vehicles, which provide a usually large amount of internal space within the vehicle. They are able to accommodate a fully deployed bariatric trolley bed/wheel chair, clinicians can freely manoeuvre within the rear cab. This is perfect for clinicians, patients and crew to move around comfortably and safely, and enables St John Ambulance to deliver outstanding care and patient experience.

Our new vehicles also demonstrate St John Ambulance’s on-going commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. These vehicles are designed to be environmentally friendly and are powered with a market leading ‘biofuel capable’ diesel engine.

MAN AWD4 a.jpg

Expert and experienced staff

All our staff are actively engaged in maintaining their skills, implementing best practices, and committed to delivering excellent patient care. The training programme is regularly reviewed in order to incorporate the latest developments in clinical care and new bariatric equipment. In line with St John Ambulance clinical standards, all bariatric crew maintain an annual portfolio that includes clinical and practical training, core competency assessment and reflective practices directly learning from bariatric attendances. All our crews are highly trained in dynamic risk assessments.

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