Our paediatric and neonatal transport service

Our paediatric and neonatal transport services provide specialist transport for critically-ill children and babies. This includes out-of-hospital care, emergency retrievals, planned transfers, and inter-facility transfers/repatriation. We run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are currently delivering specialist ambulance solutions for the following paediatric and neonatal transport networks:

  • Paediatric and Neonatal Decision Support and Retrieval Service (PaNDR). An inter-disciplinary team who provide specialist services for children up to the age of 16 across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire.
  • Children’s Acute Transfer Service (CATS). An intensive care transport team serving around 50 hospitals in the North Thames, Essex, Herts, Beds, and East Anglia regions.
  • London Neonatal Transfer Service (NTS). A dedicated service providing a specialist transfer team to support infants needing transport between neonatal units in London.
  • Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support (KIDS NTS West Midlands). An acute transport and advice service for the management of critically ill children needing intensive care in the West Midlands.
  • North West & North Wales Transport Service (NWTS). A dedicated paediatric transfer service covering the North West of England and the North Wales areas supporting children's critical care between hospitals and Intensive Care Units.
  • Connect North West (CNW). A dedicated Neonatal Transport Service that covers North West England and North Wales. This team transports neonatal patients between tertiary hospitals and specialist units across the area.
  • CenTre Transport Service. A specialist neonatal transport service that operates across the East Midlands area, providing specialist transport teams to stabilise and transport neonatal patients across the area.

Young child in ambulance

Caring, specialist paediatric and neonatal staff

Our staff are skilled and committed professionals who specialise in working with babies and children. We have substantial experience of providing neonatal and paediatric transport. We can respond to a wide range of clinical needs and scenarios. Our crews are always sensitive to the needs of the patient and their family. We focus on delivering the very best patient outcome.

All our drivers have in-depth knowledge of the preferred routes. They are responsible for ensuring all necessary kit is present and correct. They are also responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in their vehicle for effective infection prevention and control. 

Bespoke, innovative vehicles

We've worked closely with neonatal and paediatric clinicians to create innovative and bespoke specifications for our vehicles.

Our vehicles include:

  • full climate control
  • self-closing door mechanisms
  • air suspension for a smoother ride
  • specialist neonatal and paediatric equipment

Additional equipment and features can be added as required, depending on clinical need and contractual requirements. These are specifically suited to the needs of each service and enable a much better patient experience.

All of our ambulances can carry two clinical staff to travel with and treat patients in transit where necessary.

How do I organise non-emergency patient transport for myself or someone I know?

We might be able to help you get to a hospital appointment if you don’t qualify for non-emergency patient transport through the NHS, or it’s not available where you live.

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