On a short-term basis, we work collaboratively with many NHS Ambulance Trusts and Foundation Trusts. We add capacity to relieve A&E pressure, build seasonal resilience, and to ensure the most efficient movement of patients.

On a long-term basis, we work alongside existing services to provide transport for discharged patients from hospital, outpatient clinics, and specialist clinics.

We provide:

  • dedicated discharge ambulances to operate during peak times
  • help with the avoidance of unnecessary hospital admissions
  • additional staff to assist in A&E with bay cleaning, cohorting patients, basic dressings, and observations

St John Ambulance crew member looking after patient

How do I organise non-emergency patient transport for myself or someone I know?

We might be able to help you get to a hospital appointment if you don’t qualify for non-emergency patient transport through the NHS, or it’s not available where you live.

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