Supporting GPs and the NHS

We work alongside numerous NHS Ambulance Trusts to support their Urgent Care work.

Our GP urgent transfer service helps divert a small but important volume of demand away from 999 Ambulance Control Rooms. This helps to reduce the demand on the local NHS emergency transport services and ensure response targets are met.

High quality, patient-focused care

Our compassionate and highly-professional staff ensure that patients are transported safely, efficiently, and comfortably. They include a wide range of clinical staff from care assistants to paramedics, and can cater to a variety of clinical needs and acuity.

Our service includes:

  • responses tailored to each individual patient’s needs
  • calls attended by highly-skilled professional ambulance crews
  • ‘blue-light’ response-trained drivers, if required

St John Ambulance Emergency Transport Service

How do I organise non-emergency patient transport for myself or someone I know?

We might be able to help you get to a hospital appointment if you don’t qualify for non-emergency patient transport through the NHS, or it’s not available where you live.

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