How does it feel to volunteer with St John during the coronavirus outbreak?

I’m more than happy to assist, I would feel helpless otherwise. I want to be there on the frontline giving support and hopefully making a difference. My girlfriend’s a doctor so I know how high the demand is on the NHS and it’s still early days here in the North. 

The help St John is giving the ambulance service means ambulances can be sent to patients more quickly. With Covid, things can deteriorate very quickly so it’s really important for us to take some of the burden from the NHS crews, who are already suffering from staff absences.

How has your St John training prepared you for the fight against coronavirus?

As a response driver in the Ambulance Team, St John has trained me up with the skills to respond to this situation. Even though I’m apprehensive because of the risk, I take all the necessary precautions and the organisation has done an amazing job at providing PPE to keep us safe.