Thinking about signing-up to our Cadet programme? Read Jay's story about his experience with us.


  1. My favourite thing about being a Cadet:

    I get to learn life saving skills! St John Ambulance is like a giant family. I’ve made so many friends and contacts through my work in the organisation. Lastly, I’ve always wanted a career in the medical profession and St John Ambulance has helped me develop my core and essential patient skills.

  2. The best thing about St John Ambulance:

    Giving something back to the community. Providing first aid and medical care to people in their time of need is greatly rewarding. You almost gain a bug for all things St John Ambulance – the development opportunities are endless!

  3. The biggest lesson I’ve learned while being a Cadet:

    When I first joined St John Ambulance, I was shy and very quiet. I developed confidence from very early on and I knew that I had the skills to deal with injury and illness. I have also learnt countless transferable skills which will later prepare me for my future career within the ambulance service.

  4. My favourite memory with St John Ambulance:

    If I listed all my favourite memories I would by typing for a fair few hours! But my single favourite memory was winning the National Cadet of the Year Competition in 2016. This opened up countless opportunities and new experiences, ranging from formal Royal events through to visiting St John Ambulance ambulance operation stations.

  5. The best thing about my Youth Leaders and Helpers:

    My youth leaders have invested large amounts of time into me to develop me into who I am today. They are at the forefront of youth training. My youth leaders inspire me. They give me valuable experience in providing first aid which greatly furthers my interest in all things medical. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have the essential skills to save a life.

  6. The one thing I’d tell someone who is thinking about joining St John Ambulance:

    Do it! You will never look back. The endless avenues and opportunities in which the organisation provides volunteers is next to none. Learning lifesaving skills and then practising them out on events leads to a huge sense of pride. Whether you want to volunteer to make new friends or want to broaden your future career plans within the health industry St John Ambulance has something for everyone!

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