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We are a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who are committed to training and empowering as many young people as possible in First Aid. We are proud to have such a talented and diverse team, and we believe that our collective expertise and experience enable us to make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.



Lucy Fisher 

Partnership Manager

I am passionate about promoting inclusion to provide opportunities and improve outcomes for young people. I have worked in a variety of education settings and across the voluntary sector, fostering meaningful collaborations to help support and empower many diverse communities.                                                                                                                   
In my role as Partnership Manager, I am striving to build strong and sustainable relationships with a range of stakeholders from across the statutory and voluntary sectors, including non-profits, government agencies, and community organisations, as we seek to equip more young people with life-saving skills.

I am keen to create mutually beneficial partnerships that align with the mission, vision, and values of St John Ambulance, working collaboratively to make a positive impact, meaningfully engaging those from underserved communities and ensuring that the needs of all young people remain at the heart of our work


Lance Williamson

Development Lead


Lance has been managing community projects for over 20 years and was involved in the development of the Young Responders project since its inception as a research project back in 2018. He has been responsible for researching the core concepts of the projects, piloting the project with various communities and working with a number of St John departments to develop the final product.








Pauline Bartley

Project Manager


Having worked in the charity sector for over 10 years in roles linked with young people and their development, when I saw this role I knew I had to apply.

It’s my responsibility to grow the service and team, look for opportunities to expand the service, link in with other organisations to enhance our support to young people, develop the content of the sessions we deliver as well as looking forward to the future of Young Responders so that we can support as many Young People as possible going forward with their mental health and equipping them with simple life saving skills.





Dr Gunjan Kochar  

Young Responders Coordinator

As a Coordinator, I am excited about creating opportunities for growth and development, in the communities we serve and helping my team members contribute to the mission of this programme. I look forward to building relationships with key stakeholder and school staff, coordinating resources, and ensuring that our team is well-coordinated and efficient.


via Teams +44204582712





Shefali Image.jpg

Shefali Khanom

Young Responders Facilitator

"Looking forward to making a positive and Empowering Input!" 

My favourite thing is watching students, engage and participate excitedly in providing first-aid, help and support. Their questions and interactions means that they are interested in making a positive difference to their community and to become role models for their generation.
I hope to be able to give learners an understanding, confidence and the power to be able to help in a much needed situation where someone needs first-aid support with their life-saving skills that they will take away from my sessions.




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Rio Chawla

Young Responders Facilitator

Hello, I am Rio Chawla and I am a Young Responders Facilitator. 

I will be delivering essential first aid sessions to young people, covering physical health, mental health and street violence. I’m looking forward to engaging with young people and learning from them as they learn from me. 

I hope that by equipping the youth with these lifesaving skills and knowledge, we would be taking another step forward in empowering them to further take action that would encourage positive change in their own communities.  

I’m excited to be part of this project and look forward to working with and supporting the young responders at your school or college.



For West Midlands and North East:

Eve Adams Chevrons

Eve Adams

Young Responders Coordinator

I am looking forward to my new role as a Coordinator for the young responders team with enthusiasm and dedication. I am excited about the opportunity to support the facilitators who are committed to making a difference in their communities. I am ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with this role, and to contribute to the success of our Young Responders Programme.


07561 873381





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Dominic Whitehouse

Young Responders Facilitor

"Teaching younger people vital skills that they may not know already like how to look after their mental health"

What I enjoy most about being a facilitator is connecting with my team and how we all work together. 

I hope to be able to reach out to as many vulnerable young people as possible who may be at more risk from street violence and poor mental health than others.  







Sharanjit Image.jpg

Sharanjit Kaur

Young Responders Facilitor

"Enabling young people to make a huge difference in their own lives and in that of others"
Hello, I am Sharanjit Kaur and I am the course facilitator for the West Midlands region. I will be delivering in person physical and mental health first aid sessions to young people who would otherwise not have access to our programmes.
I care about the welling-being of young people and the issues they face thus each session will be tailored to the needs of the group, whilst also ensuring students gain practical skills which can be applied immediately.
As well as gaining vital life skills that can save lives in emergency situations, these sessions will get learners thinking about early intervention by recognising signs and symptoms within themselves and those around them before reaching crisis point. I am excited to be sharing this learning with you and look forward to having you with us!



Looking to get involved?

We are always looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join our team and help us to achieve our goals. If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities with us, please visit our Careers Page. 


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