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C.A.R.E for a heart


If you come across someone in cardiac arrest, you have to act fast. Give them the best chance to live by learning what to do.

Thousands of families feel the impact of cardiac arrest each year, but if more people knew what to do before an emergency, more lives could be saved. With 80 per cent of cardiac arrests happening in the home, it’s likely to be a loved one who needs help.

Follow the four simple steps of C.A.R.E. to give those you love the best chance of survival. Watch our short videos below.

C - Closest defibrillator

Find your closest defibrillator in advance.


A - Arrest?

Be ready to spot the signs of cardiac arrest.

R - Resuscitate

Know how to resuscitate using CPR.

E - Early defibrillation

Early defibrillation gives the best chance of survival.

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