Muni Coverley, photo reproduced courtesy of Matt Davis

My first shift as a vaccinator was at the Manchester Vaccination Centre (Etihad) on January 14th. I was a bit anxious because I’d never given anyone an injection before and I’m frightened of needles. The training was excellent and the NHS staff were really good and put me at ease. I watched a nurse give three vaccinations and then I was observed and assessed giving ten vaccinations before I was signed off as being competent to give vaccinations on my own.

‘The things I love best about being in St John are the variety of first aid duties and events we cover’

I used to be a member of the St John Denton Unit but had to give up because of my husband’s ill health. In April 2017 I re-joined when there was an intake of volunteers for a new Manchester City Football Club Unit. I used to be the first aider at my workplace and wanted to continue with the training and helping with first aid duties in my local community.

The things I love best about being in St John are the variety of first aid duties and events we cover, meeting people from various walks of life, being part of a dedicated team and the amazing, ongoing training we receive.

I’ve used my first aid skills to assist paramedics treat a suspected heart attack patient at a football match. 

I try to help and support people wherever I can and I strive to do my best, be a strong person and give 100% in everything I do. 

Muni was born in a small village in the foothills of Mount Kenya where she lived on a farm with no electricity, in close proximity to leopards, elephants and other forest wildlife. Her family moved to England in 1978. She’s a volunteer vaccinator and a member of the SJA National Welcome Team. She also volunteers as a magistrate, patient champion and a member of her local NHS Patient Network Group.

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