I'm so pleased to see James is in a good place. He's about to be promoted to take charge of the whole site...things could have gone in the opposite direction and turned out very differently.

A suicidal construction manager planning to crash his car told us how a workplace mental health first aider gave him lifesaving support to get him back on his feet.

James, 38, of Southampton, was finding the pressures of work and family life too much to cope with when he finally made a tearful phone call to his boss.

Far from losing his job as he had feared, the father of three sons, two of whom are autistic, found that he was given a sympathetic ear and compassionate leave by senior manager Phil (pictured left) who had attended a St John Ambulance workplace mental health first aid training course. 

James was signposted to a wellbeing helpline and, after a few weeks, returned to work with continued support from Phil and the company.

I massively rate the St John mental health first aid course. The skills I gained have already really helped me help others…I’ve been working closely with about seven individuals who have had a difficult time. By giving them the support, the transformation in them has been amazing, sometimes even after only a week or two.

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