Aivia 210 Defibrillator Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Heating and Keypad Lock

Aivia 210 Defibrillator Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Heating and Keypad Lock

Aivia 210 Defibrillator Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Heating and Keypad Lock

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About this product

  • Wall cabinet suitable for storing most defibrillators for indoor or outdoor use
  • Clear polycarbonate cover and green polymer base protects the defibrillator from harsh environments
  • Restricted access opening - the cabinet opens via Digicode keypad lock
  • Audible alarm system emits from 70 to 105 decibels depending on model once the cabinet is opened
  • Day/night lighting sensor and flashing red LED visual warnings indicate any malfunction
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

Further Description

An advanced defibrillator (AED) wall cabinet made up of clear anti-UV treated polycarbonate cover and a green ABS container that complies with ISO3864 International Standard emergency colour codes.

  • Regulated heating and fanning system
  • Enables AED to be stored in +0°C temperatures
  • System activated through heat sensor according to configured thresholds or as preset by user
  • Mains power supply
  • For public safety reasons, the model is powered by 24 Volts VLSV (Very Low Safety Voltage).
  • Protection ingress: IP54 - dust protected - splashing of water
  • Humidity index: 95% - without condensation.

CE approved.

Installation must be carried out by a qualified operator who adheres to the Bornavie charter or authorized by the Aivia manufacturer.

The Aivia cabinet should not be installed in direct exposure to sunlight. You risk exposing the defibrillator to excessive temperatures.

Technical Specifications


  • External: 38.8 x 42.3 x 20.1cm
  • Internal: 31 x 31 x 15cm.

Weight: 3.3kg

Material: Door - Polycarbonate, Chassis, Square - ABS

Power supply: 24 VDC, 75 Watts, power limited source

Operating temperature: minimum -20C, maximum 55C

Temperature alarms: Defined by user, default settings are - low temperature alarm 5C, high temperature alarm 40C

Heating options: defined by user, default settings - heating threshold 10C, fan threshold 30C

Sound level: 90 - 105dB / 1 metre 

Compliance: EN 55022:2006, EN 55024: 1998/ A1 : 2001/ A2 : 2003, EN 60950-1 : 2006

Aivia product code: X2A210_XX101

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