'Before my husband Ian's death, he had made it quite clear that instead of the cost of a funeral, he would rather the money go to a charity for a good cause'

Over the past few years, we had heard of defibrillators. Ian so much wanted to get the money together to buy one and have it placed somewhere that was easily accessible. This is what brought our family to get in touch with St John Ambulance, who were very kind and eager to help us. They have helped us through this difficult time. Ian would be so satisfied that his defibrillator idea had materialised.

Because of Ian’s wishes, should anyone need a defibrillator, one may be closer than previously thought. Jacqui

We were able to present the defibrillator to the local St John Ambulance Cadet group. Now, the Cadet group will take the defibrillator out on duty - which is most weekends throughout the summer.


It’s so humbling to know that because of Ian’s wishes and the support of the St John Ambulance team, should anyone need a defibrillator, one may be closer to them than previously thought."

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