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During the COVID-19 pandemic our skilled and highly trained volunteers have been working long shifts, supporting the sick and their families.

This winter is likely to bring many challengesbut St John volunteers continue to step forward. When health service staff are under pressure, we can provide the extra pair of hands, or the extra time to care.  

In times of crisis, we are England’s national health reserve, so we are working with the NHS to support the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Our vaccination volunteers will deliver these vital jabs and take care of people before and after they receive them.   

St John people will continue to deliver services wherever there is need - at home, on the road and in hospital. Their skills, time and compassion can make all the difference. Our charity’s vital role in responding to the needs of communities across the nation has never been more urgent than during these life-changing times. 

Our role in the COVID-19 vaccine programme

Our trained vaccination volunteers will be working with the NHS to deliver vaccines across England.

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Find out more

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