Play Your Part

We want people to raise money by taking part in livestreams, TikTok challenges anything else that can engage their friends and family!

You can use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media to do a one-off short video or livestream challenge (around 2 minutes or less) to raise awareness for St John Ambulance and ask for donations. If you'd like to create longer form content, we recommend reading our live streaming guide.

What we want you to do

  1. Pick a challenge
  2. Spread the word 
  3. Stream it, share it
  4. Nominate 5 more people to take part

Choose your challenge

St John Secret Skills

Everyone knows that St John people are highly talented in first aid, but what other secret skills do you hold? Can you knit a stripey jumper? Maybe you’re the next Jamie Oliver or Pablo Picasso? Whatever your hidden talent is, we want you to share it with everyone and teach your followers about the amazing work St John Ambulance volunteers do every day.

St John Cinema

Everyone misses going to the cinema, so it's up to you to recreate some movie magic. Try your hand at recreating an iconic scene from one of your favourite films and post it to your Facebook, Instagram or other social media account. Dig out some old clothes and get creative with those costumes!

St John 140

St John has been saving lives and supporting communities for over 140 years. To celebrate this, take on a fitness challenge for 140 seconds, whether it's planking, sit-ups, press-ups (if you're feeling brave) or anything else you can think of. If you've got a sporting passion, this is the time to show it!

How to stream and share

Pick your favourite social media platform (the one where you have the most followers is best) and take it from there. Facebook and Instagram have both have guides on how to start live videos.

Read our guide to live streaming for more information on setting up.


Pre-recorded content

Going live can be quite daunting, especially if you've got a big audience. But you can make just as big an impact by sharing a pre-recorded video. Apart from giving you a chance to edit out any mistakes, this means you can share your content to multiple platforms. Your followers will also be able to watch it whenever they like. 

As with live streaming, it's important to promote your video ahead of time to make sure you maximise your impact.

Spreading the word

  • It's important to post about your event in advance so your followers know when to watch
  • Tell your family and friends so they can spread the word on their own accounts
  • Make sure you use our hashtags #TeamSJA and #StJohnPeople
  • Tag the official St John Ambulance accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Tag the friends you want to nominate to take part in the challenge
  • Do you volunteer for St John Ambulance? If yes, make sure everyone knows!
  • Tell your audience about St John Ambulance's work and why we need their support. You can use our Real Life Stories as inspiring examples of the impact our people have

If you're posting a pre-recorded video you can repost it to your other accounts to ensure you have the biggest reach possible.

Tell us about your social media stream

Ready to set up your social media stream in aid of St John Ambulance? Tell us about it below to get started