St John Ambulance's highly skilled volunteers have been working to support the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we're helping to deliver a national vaccination programme.

To do this we're training more than 30,000 volunteers. Using our longstanding expertise, we are empowering people with vital clinical skills and the confidence to use them. 

All volunteers will meet strict selection criteria, mandated by the NHS, and receive appropriate clinical training. This includes official courses developed in partnership with and approved by NHS England. As well as extensive training, they will be subject to assessments and clinical supervision to ensure their own safety and that of everyone receiving the vaccine.

How our volunteers are helping

Trained volunteers are administering the vaccine itself but others are there to support people as they go through the process. This is an unsettling time for everyone and some groups of patients, such as those with a visual impairment or other disability, will need one-to-one support. We are making sure everyone receives the care they need and feels at ease throughout the process.

  1. Volunteer_vaccinator_numbered_pod_alt

    Volunteer Vaccinator 

    These volunteers are administering the vital vaccines. They receive extensive training and assessments (observed vaccinations). This includes learning how to recognise and respond to a medical emergencies. Healthcare professionals will also provide clinical supervision at each vaccination site to ensure the safety of all patients and volunteers.

  2. vaccination_care_volunteers_numbered pod3

    Vaccination Care Volunteer

    Care Volunteers are supporting patients before and after they receive the potentially lifesaving vaccines. These volunteers meet and greet patients and help them navigate the vaccination centre, as well as directing them to external resources if needed. Like the Volunteer Vaccinators, they are trained to recognise and respond to a medical emergency.

  3. Patient_advocate_numbered pod

    Volunteer Patient Advocate

    Our Patient Advocates are taught to recognise and respond to patients’ needs, including supporting people with impairments. This role is not clinical, but still involves the extensive training according to NHS specifications. Patient Advocates are working closely with NHS doctors and nurses and making sure everyone feels at ease throughout the process.


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